Our Story

I’ve always had a passion and love for food. Ever since I can remember back when i was a half pint. I would be in the kitchen inquisitively peering onto the counters from my plastic bike as a step to see what was going on. I remember always nagging the oldies  (sorry mum and dad :D ), Asking questions and begging to get involved and to do it myself. At the tender age of 5 Egg in a cup was my first ever meal I conquered! Boiling the eggs, peeling them and mashing them into a plastic cup with copious amounts of butter! What a Joy! I was a champion! So I thought! I still have that same feeling today! The joy I get out of food, sharing it with you, my friends not customers Not very fond of that word ‘customer’ more like a friend that haven’t me yet!

We want to bring good, wholesome, attractive food to you, a little twist here and there, a sprinkling of smiles and crack of laughter….all in all, a place to sit back, relax and enjoy every moment!

Since opening in 2006 we have grown flavour cafe into a brand that has become very familiar to the good people of Pietermaritzburg. It has been an adventurous journey of tastes and textures to where we have gotten to now. You need to watch this space for some exciting new additions and flavours at Pietermaritzburg’s finest eatery.

That’s our journey at Flavour Cafe!

Lee Hankey
Flavour Cafe